10 Annoying Things Dogs Hate, but We Keep Doing Them

A dog isn’t only a cute, big toy for you or your kids to play with — it’s a huge responsibility for the entire family to take on. Scientists have proven that our pets don’t always like when we do certain things to them. For example, they may not be the biggest fans of constant hugging or teasing, and may only tolerate such behavior because they care about us so much.

10. Constant hugging

10 Annoying Things Dogs Hate, but We Keep Doing Them

Research revealed that 81.6% of the dogs tested showed signs of stress or anxiety when they were hugged. 7.6% of them enjoyed this activity, while the response of 10.8% of the dogs was neutral. The most common signs of stress included flattened ears, sad eyes (you can see the whites of the eyes) or, on the contrary, closed eyes and a head turned away to avoid eye contact with a hugger. So next time you decide to hug your dog, estimate its reaction first.


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