10 Fast and Cheap Ways to Unclog a Kitchen Sink Drain

6. Clean the P-trap.

If chemical reactions don’t work, you may need to do some physical removal. P-trap is a curved pipe under your sink which can collect grease and small debris. Due to its form, it becomes the cause of most of the clogs in your kitchen.

  • First of all, you need to get ready for the act of cleaning it out, because it’s gonna be messy. Remove water from the sink, because it’ll go down when you take the trap off. Now put a bucket right under the trap, grab some towels so you have them on hand, and then start.
  • The P-trap is attached to 2 pipes with nuts you’ll need to loosen to take off.
  • Once you’ve removed the trap, you can clean it. It’ll most likely be full of food pieces, grease, and other debris. Clean the hard debris out using your hands and a bottle brush, then wash with hot water to dissolve any other possible grease.
  • Once you’re done, return the P-trap to where it belongs.

Some traps have a plug you can use for cleaning, without removing the trap itself, but it’s always better to take it off and rinse with hot water.


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