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10 Foods that help to heal a sore throat. Save this list, you may need it!

a sore throat has always been one of the most irritating things that come along with winter. It happens quite often that a sudden itching and pain in your throat makes you scratch your head and think that when was the last time you had something cold? If you and your family are suffering from a sore throat, then you might be interested in going to starmed family & urgent care. Even a small serving of your favorite ice cream can lead to a sore throat. Coping with this problem ain’t an easy task. A sore throat is usually a bacterial infection and when you are down with this issue, eating is the last thing that you will think of. Thanks to the unrelenting pain and the scratchy feeling going inside your throat! However, nutritious food is a must in such a situation as it helps in fuelling your body and giving your body energy to recover the soonest. Check out our list of 10 Foods that you should eat if you have a sore throat. These foods are remedial stuff that can give you the required nutrients to fight off the illness and recover from that annoying throat issue.




Bananas are soft and gentle on your throat. Nonacidic in nature, bananas can actually be the best thing you can eat while you have a sore throat. Not only it helps to fill your stomach without giving your throat a tough time in swallowing but also its richness in vitamin C, potassium and B6 help you to get rid of the soreness in your throat.


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