10+ people shamelessly caught sleeping out in public

Some days are just exhausting. And it’s on those days that we struggle to keep our eyes open. Even if we’re in public.

Sometimes the exhaustion is just too great. That’s when we end up dozing off and taking a snooze wherever we are. And it doesn’t look cute.

In fact, we end up looking real crazy in the process. But when you have to take a snooze… you have to take a snooze. And that’s exactly what these people did.

Here are 10+ funny photos of people sleeping in public places:

Nap Desk

     Source: DrollFeed

Here we have nap desk. A desk that comes with a designated space for napping. This employee is taking full advantage of her nap desk.

Nose Dive


This lady nose dived into her slumber. She must be out cold because that does not look comfortable. She is completely supported by her nose right now.


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