10 Photos Proving That Women Totally Have Super Powers

According to science, all women have some superpowers that are not present in men: they candistinguish different shades of color, they have a stronger immune system, and they’re more empathicand intuitive than men are. They possess unique danger detecting abilities and can multitask seemingly effortlessly. The pictures in this list demonstrate the unique skills of women that make us admire them even more.

1. Running marathons in high heels

11 Photos Proving That Women Totally Have Super Powers

Wearing high heels is a skill unreachable for most men, but what about wearing them while running a marathon? Irene Sewell, a former ballroom dancer, set a marathon Guinness World Record by running 26.2 miles (43 km) in stilettos. She finished the race in 7 hours and 28 minutes.

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