10 Signs Your Body Needs to Detox Really Bad

Even though our bodies have the ability to self-cleanse once in a while, they also give us indications that extra help is needed. Your immune system, kidneys, and liver work simultaneously to remove toxins from your body as soon as they enter it.

However, when these toxins exceed the body’s ability to remove them, they then get stored away inside us for long periods of time until we take action to remove them completely.

What do we know about toxins?

10 Signs Your Body Needs to Detox Really Bad

As we all know, a toxin is a harmful foreign substance that enters the body. If it does not get removed by the immune system, it can be stored into the body for years without showing any signs that it is even there. It is only when the toxin levels increase to the point that the body is not able to keep up with them that you start experiencing various symptoms, signaling the need for detoxing.

Where toxins come from:

  • Environmental toxins: These toxins usually come from industrial places where there are cars, water and air pollution, radiation, pesticides, and herbicides; or in cleaning products, hair sprays, perfumes, and make-up that can be found at home.
  • Lifestyle toxins: Lifestyle toxins usually come from chemicals that we put into our bodies like sugar, prescription drugs, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.
  • Metabolic reactions: When our bodies start breaking down proteins, sugars, and fats, they naturally start producing toxic waste. When a diet does not contain enough nutrients, the toxins build up in the body.
  • Intestinal microbes: The gastrointestinal tract is filled with yeast and bacteria which help with the body’s digestion of food. When there is an excess growth of bacteria in the intestinal tract then toxins enter the bloodstream and results in various health conditions.
  • Emotional toxins: Stress, fear or traumatizing events can affect both the nervous and hormonal systems, which then affect your body’s ability to detox.
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