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10 Things you need to know about your blood type

Not only are our bodies affected by the foods we eat and lifestyles we lead but a lot has to do with the blood type we have. Yes you heard it right folks. There are four blood types type 0, AB, A and B. Each one has its own set characteristics that can contribute to weight loss, certain diseases and even temperament. Knowing your blood type is paramount as following a diet that is based on your specific type will ensure that your body is in optimum health. Our blood types are really something we can’t control either as these are often defined when we are in our mother’s womb .Here are ten things you should know about your blood type.



1Your Blood Type and Diet

Some foods contain legumes which have a carbohydrate binding protein called lectin. Lectin has been proven to cause inflammation in the body however certain blood types have strong reactions to the protein. Some examples of what can occur are fatigue, not having good digestion and considerable weight gain. All day long bodies are having constant chemical reactions and depending upon the blood type this can significantly affect weight gain and digestion. Try some of these suggested foods for your blood type. Type O does best with high protein foods such as meat and fish, and avoiding diary. For type A try having a diet with very little or no meat at all and eating lots of vegetables, type B is recommended they eat red meat and avoid chicken, and type AB does best by eating lots of seafood and lean meat.

Your Blood Type and Diet

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