11 People Who Lost Weight And Look Like Totally Different People

Lots of people dream about losing weight but few ever summon the courage to do so. The excuses tend to vary from person to person but they are all essentially the same. Let’s take a closer look at the people who were willing to put the excuses aside and drop the pounds once and for all.

This couple was tired of being overweight and elected to do something about it. They shed over 120 pounds between the two of them.



As for this woman, she decided to catch a Pokemon for every pound she lost. Things are going well so far.




Losing 88 pounds in 8 months might seem challenging but this woman was able to do just that!


Here’s another couple that managed to shed 170 pounds together. Love is a wonderful motivator, isn’t it?



Weight loss is always worth posting. Don’t ever let the haters tell you otherwise.



Over the course of six years, she lost 100 pounds.



Fighting depression can be difficult but this man pulled himself together for the sake of his kids. He is now barely recognizable.



Health problems can cause many of us to get it together and this woman shed 100 pounds as a result.


Here is another woman who is now difficult to recognize because of her dramatic weight loss.



Thanks to a new fitness regimen and a healthy diet, this woman dropped 170 pounds in two years.



It took this man only 16 months to drop over 140 pounds.

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