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13 Harmful Habits That We Mistakenly Considered Harmless For Our Body

What many people don’t realize is the fact that our lifestyle habits could be the main cause of our poor health. While common issues of sleeping late, eating junk food, excess sugary food and processed meat is well known as the things that impact our health in a bad way, there are several other habits which we don’t usually consider harmful at all. Yet it is these habits that can cause problems for us like ill health or infections. These could seem harmless habits, but they could have not so harmless results. Here are 13 of them.

1Stifling a sneeze is extremely bad for you

If you stifle a sneeze, it is going to cause problems for your blood vessels, brain and respiratory system. Your esophagus could also get damaged. When we sneeze, it is the body’s way of ridding our respiratory system of bacteria, dust, foreign bodies and viruses.

Stifling a sneeze is extremely bad for you

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