14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

Most celebrities have smoking-hot bodies. Some of them stay in shape with almost no effort; others have to hit the gym daily to trim their waists. Of course, they have teams of dieticians and trainers to develop personal dieting strategies for them.

We at Boredpedia decided to find out some professional secrets for losing weight, burning fat fast, and achieving results that last.

14. Don’t eat eggs for breakfast.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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Your body needs a lot of energy to digest eggs in the morning because they’re rich in protein. That is why you’ll be hungry in a couple of hours and might want to eat something sweet to power up. Consider eating your scrambled eggs at lunch.

  • Channing Tatum is prone to corpulence and tries to spend almost 3 hours in the gym every day to keep his body fit. Despite being a true fast food junkie, he tries to eat healthy foods most of the time.

13. Start your day with a glass of water with lemon.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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Lemons, rich in enzymes and vitamin C, improve liver function. Hot water relaxes the intestine and removes harmful metabolic waste from the body. The amount of lemon juice depends on your weight. This tip is for people who have no stomach issues.

  • Chris Pratt had to follow a low-carb alcohol-free diet for half a year to turn into a superhero with toned abs. Plus a 4-hour workout in the gym every day.

12. Drink a smoothie instead of juice.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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A smoothie is a nourishing drink that energizes you for a long time, and it regulates the sugar level in your blood. When you blend vegetables, fruits, and berries, they release a lot of valuable nutrients, which your body digests easily. Try to drink your mix slowly, and chew if necessary to avoid a distended abdomen.

  • After giving birth to her baby, Fergie had to work hard to build up her fit figure. Everyday cardio exercises, jogging, and healthy dieting helped her achieve the best result.

11. Try a low-protein diet.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


Many people who try to lose and stabilize their weight choose protein as the main part of their meals. Are you aware that excess protein consumption leads to improper kidney function?

  • Drew Barrymore decided to lose weight to get a part in a movie. Her choice was a healthy diet. She also tried hot yoga, hit the elliptical, took long walks, and even attended hip-hop dance classes.

10. Alternate your workouts every 10 days.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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If you’ve been doing the same workout routine for some time, it’s time to change it because your muscles are inclined to adapt to the same type of exercise. For the best result, alternate your workouts every 9-10 days. Pay more attention to the minor muscle groups, and then you won’t look too muscular but more fit and sexy.

  • Britney Spears returned to the stage after a long pause in her career, and her gorgeous look played a great role in her success. She does a 40-minute workout 3-4 times a week, including a lot of cardio, stretching, and jogging. Spears also changed her eating habits a lot.

9. Do your workouts in the morning.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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Many people prefer to work out in the evening and it might be wrong. You need to minimize the amount of exercise in the evening. Otherwise, you’ll get the opposite result: muscle growth will slow because of nutritional deficiencies. You can eat only one meal after an evening workout.

  • Christina Aguilera achieved great results in weight loss. She doesn’t eat junk food, and she jogs every morning, practices yoga, and goes to the gym 5 times a week for 90-minute workouts.

8. Don’t get carried away with protein bars and sports drinks.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


Do you still think that a protein bar consists of protein? When it tastes like a chocolate cookie, be sure that there’s sugar in it and maybe some low-quality protein. These bars do not compare to fish, chicken, eggs, and nuts. Many sports drinks have a lot of sugar, caffeine, and sodium as well. Yeah, they’ll make you feel an incredible rush of power, but it will vanish very quickly.

  • Jonah Hill managed to lose 88 lb. His main source of motivation was his girlfriend. When he stopped eating fast food, sweets, and quit drinking alcohol, he lost a lot of extra weight. Today he tries to live and eat healthily and does regular exercises.

7. Plan your meals and workouts.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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It’s much better to follow a weight loss meal plan than to starve yourself. For example, if you plan a dinner in a restaurant, think about which foods you’re going to eat: rich in starch or protein. If you eat chicken, add some broccoli to it instead of potatoes.

  • Zach Galifianakis achieved great results fighting extra weight. It was quite hard for him because he had to quit drinking alcohol and ditch his favorite fast food meals. He takes long walks and always takes the stairs.

6. Begin intensive training.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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Highly intensive training boosts metabolism. However, you should consult a physician first to make sure that a quick heart rate and accelerated pulse won’t harm your health. If your health is ok, count your maximum pulse using the following equation: 220 minus your age, then multiply it by 0.7 (if you’re a beginner) or by 0.75 (if you’re a pro).

The best exercises to speed up your heart rate are high-speed running on a racetrack, jump rope training, running in place, or kickboxing. Do cardio workouts in the morning on an empty stomach – it’s the perfect time to burn the most stubborn fat.

  • To become a real-life Thor, Chris Hemsworth began his preparation half a year before filming. To gain muscle mass, the actor did a lot of weight training. High-protein foods (meat, chicken, eggs), protein drinks, and unprocessed carbs were the basis of his diet.

5. A 15-minute workout is better than no workout at all.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


It’s obvious that a full workout is the best choice. However, if you don’t have free time at all, a 15-minute workout will become your savior. Drink at least 2 glasses of mineral water before and after your workout. Don’t skip breakfast, and make it the most nourishing meal of the day.

  • Kelly Osbourne had never been a slim girl, but she decided to work on it and change her body. Her first decision was to stop eating fast food. She also reduced the amount of macaroni, bread, and sugar in her meals. Regular workouts with a trainer in the gym helped her get a fit healthy body.

4. Eat more fiber.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

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Try to consume at least 5 g of fiber with every meal. It’ll help slow down the assimilation of sugar in your body. A woman under 50 should consume 25 g of fiber daily, a man under 50 – 38 g.

  • After pregnancy, Aishwarya Rai had been trying to get into shape for a long time. However, she got a grip on her weight and achieved a wonderful result. She makes no secret of her diet, claiming that her meals include mainly fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, and nuts. She also actively uses spices for their fat-burning qualities.

3. Choose healthy fast food.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to cook high-quality healthy meals. In these situations, it’s great to have a bunch of prepped foods that you can combine with vegetables and fruits. For example, you can add fresh fruits to your cereal in the morning.

  • Adele revealed that her body shape is the result of regular exercise. She also changed her eating habits and tries not to eat foods rich in carbs and sugar.

2. Practice bedroom gymnastics.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


While you’re still in bed, strain and relax your stomach muscles as if pulling them to your spine. Don’t rush, and breathe deeply. Repeat the exercise at least 10-15 times. Then try to strain your buttock muscles. Do this 15 times quickly and 15 times slowly. These simple exercises will boost your metabolism, especially if you do them every morning.

  • Janet Jackson surely knows how to stay in shape. She’s not a fan of severe dieting, eating only healthy foods and preferring regular workouts: 45-minute training sessions 5 days a week.

1. Don’t trust low-fat foods.

14 Brilliant Celebrity Diets to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay


Cross out low-fat or fat-free foods from your eating routine. Try not to eat anything that claims to be sugarless. These types of foods don’t contain many other essential nutrients, and your body digests them very slowly.

  • After filming Bridget Jones’s Diary, Renée Zellweger tried very hard to lose all the weight she’d gained for the part. She followed the Atkins low-carb diet program and based her eating habits mainly on protein consumption. She ate food in small portions and drank a lot of water every day. As for exercise, she preferred jogging, swimming, yoga, and cycling.

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