14 Photos that Changed How We See The Earth and The Universe

We as humans are inclined to believe things only when we have proof of them. Photos or videos help us a lot in believing some of the things scientists tell us. When we have photographic proof we believe it better and it even helps us understand it better.

Over the years as science has improved we have gotten photographic proof of some of the things we have only heard about. Some images we got changed the way we saw the world, while some gave us more details about it. All this helps us understand our world and the universe around us better.

So today let us take a look at 14 images that changed the way we look at our planet and the universe.

1Where’s Your Argument Now Flat Earth Society?

Even though this is now just a meme there are still many people who believe the earth, our planet is in fact flat and not round. I know this has been proven wrong many times before and this image is one of the reasons why. Taken on top of Mount Everest by a reddit user with the simple caption “Checkmate flat Earth society”, this image shows the beautiful round earth in all its glory.

Where’s Your Argument Now Flat Earth Society?

Image Source: cdn-tn.fishki.net

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