15 Moments of Famous Politicians and Royal Personalities, Who Broke The Rules By Showing Their Human Side

The important and famous people of our world are obliged to live a life with a strict rulebook that describes what they can do or what they can’t. They always have to follow a pre-determined protocol that tells them how to behave in public as the whole world is watching them. Living a life of a president or a queen is not something easy as one has to completely change himself or herself to be a motivation for others. But they cannot behave every time according to a code of conduct.

These important personalities are just like us and they do have a normal side. Sometimes they behave completely different on the public platform but this different behavior shows the real them. From British royalties to famous US presidents, they all have captured doing something unusual in public. While this is a normal behavior but not for them because they are important persons. Sometimes we forget that they are humans too.

1The famous US President Obama in Rain

Obama has been the most famous, spectacular, inspirational and one of the powerful president of the United States. When all the eyes of the world were on him he broke the rule during his campaign rally for re-election. He addressed the public in Glen Allen, Virginia and gave a speech while it was raining. A human standing in rain is very normal and no one of us would give attention to it. But because he was a president of the States, it was something unusual and instantly went viral.

President Obama in Rain

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