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15+ Tricks That All Beauty Salons Use, but Never Tell You About

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15+ Tricks That All Beauty Salons Use, but Never Tell You About

“How is it even possible to straighten my hair like the salon does?”

  • There is a popular opinion that some haircuts look great on anyone. On the one hand, some classic shapes look good on almost any face. But before getting a haircut, always listen to the opinion of the professional. If they are sure that your hair type won’t match up great with a certain cut, it is probably true: after the cut and styling you will look good but what are you going to do the next morning? You’re going to have to use curling irons and other devices.
  • If you decide to change your hair color dramatically, and before, you used to use henna, make sure that your hairdresser knows about it. Natural henna has a strong and resilient pigment, unlike artificial dyeing products. The result of dyeing hair that has been dyed with henna may be unpredictable.
  • Bad news for those who want to dye their hair an unusual color, for example, green or violet. These colors don’t last long. And in order to prolong the brightness, you’re going to have to redo the procedure every month.

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