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2000s Celebrities Who Look Wildly Different Today

Stars! They’re just like us: getting older! And while society is just chock full of job opportunities for older people, a lot of celebrities find their opportunities drying up as they age. For a lot of stars, their peak money-making years are also their peak being sexy years, and there has never been a group of celebrities sexier than 2000s celebrities.

That’s right, with everyone bleaching blonde streaks into their hair and wearing platform sandals, it’s hard not to call the 2000s the sexiest decade. (Plus, the 2000s were the first decade the internet became widely available, so everyone with a modem spent most of their time looking at pictures of Britney Spears with a shaved head.)

So what happens when the beauty starts to fade and the wrinkles start to appear? Let’s find out. Here are some of the hottest 2000s celebrities, side-by-side with pictures of them today.

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