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24-Year-Old Dumps Her Boyfriend, Quits Her Job, And Now Is Living The Van Life With Her Dog

Most of us dream sometimes about giving up our old lives, following our dreams and our passions, and going on an epic adventure that will change our lives. A bit like Frodo and Bilbo. Well, Sydney Ferbrache is the perfect example that it’s not just a daydream, but actually possible to achieve in reality.

The 24-year-old now travels all over America with her dog, Ella, after she dumped her boyfriend. She even has her finances sorted out and works full-time from her laptop. Sydney is a true inspiration for all potential adventurers out there, and it’s no surprise that her story went viral as it captured the hearts of many internet users.

Sydney worked three jobs and other side-gigs to afford to buy her van and she also revealed that she uses a tripod camera to take pictures of herself and her dog.

Bored Panda reached out to Sydney and spoke to her about her travels, how people reacted to everything, and what advice she’d give to people who are yearning to go on an adventure but might be too afraid to start.

“The thing I love most about traveling is getting to experience different people and cultures. Nature is insanely beautiful and getting to spend time outside every day is nothing but a gift. However, getting to spend time on native lands and learn about the people who live there from those very people is the best learning experience I could ask for,” Sydney told Bored Panda. Scroll down for the full interview.

Sydney Ferbrache travels over America with her doggo Ella

Image credits: divineontheroad

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