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6 Things Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

Sticking a tongue out is a greeting in Tibet while in many other countries it’s used as a way to diagnose you. You may be surprised, but the tongue can indicate many health problems. And for an initial examination, you can take a mirror and carefully look at your tongue. After this, you can match it with the information that we’ve prepared for you.

1. Location of organs on the tongue

6 Things Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

The tongue is a whole map, where each site is responsible for a specific internal organ. Any changes (sores, spots, blisters, etc.) may indicate a malfunction of these organs.

  • So the tip of the tongue denotes the heart.
  • The lungs are on the sides next to the tip.
  • The center of the tongue points to the stomach and pancreas.
  • Along the edges are the liver and spleen.
  • Closer to the bottom of the tongue are the intestines.
  • On the sides near intestines there are the kidneys.

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