7 Big Mistakes That Stop You From Building Muscle

Have you ever felt that despite doing all the right things at the gym, after a little success in the beginning, that the muscle no longer seems to be building? If yes, then you are probably getting some basic things wrong. For example, you might be overworking, which seems like the right way to go, but instead it’s counterproductive.

1. Constantly sticking to the same rep-range

7 Big Mistakes That Stop You From Building Muscle

Although there is a lot of debate about what the perfect rep-range is to build muscles, there is some sort of consensus that 5-8 repetitions are optimum. However, sticking to the same rep-range is not the right way to move forward, especially after you are no longer a beginner. For this reason, it is advisable to stick to 3 different rep-ranges: low, medium, and high. Beginning with the low rep-range, spend 2-3 weeks working on each level.

  • Low rep-range (3-4 reps): It enables you to lift heavier weight, which will, over time, enable you to use heavier weight in the other rep-ranges.
  • Medium rep-range (6-8 reps): It serves as a bridge while transitioning from the low rep-range to the high rep-range.
  • High rep-range (12-15 reps): It helps increase your endurance.


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