7 Superpowers You Definitely Have but Probably Have No Clue About

If you’ve always had a thought that you’re talented, you’re right. The latest studies show that we underestimate our abilities and have no clue about the powers that we possess. It’s time to change the situation.

7. The voice can have an impact on our mood.

7 Superpowers You Definitely Have but Probably Have No Clue About

A group of CNRS researchers decided to find out how the voice influenced a person’s mood. They asked the subjects to read Haruki Murakami’s book aloud, recorded their voices, and then, with the help of a program, made their voices frightening, happy, and sad. The participants weren’t aware of the voice changing. And then they had to listen to their own voices, only a few people understood that they had been changed. When they were asked how they felt while listening to the recording, they mentioned an emotion created by the program.

The study shows that we “read” our own emotions as well as others’ emotions, and the vocal expressiveness influences our mood. Perhaps, this discovery can be used to treat psychological disorders. And maybe we can already beat the blues by listening to our own happy voice.


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