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7 Tips for Moms Who Are Tired of Everything and Really Need a Break

Mothers rarely admit that behind all the happy photos on social media, there are boring days, irritation caused by their child’s screaming, a constant mess around them, and the fact that the child wants 100% of their time.

1. What parent burnout looks like

7 Tips for Moms Who Are Tired of Everything and Really Need a Break

When a child is born, every parent feels that they lose control of their own lives. For example, you want to take a shower, but your baby woke up and started crying. It’s not the end of the world, but if these situations happen repeatedly for a long time, tiredness starts to build up that turns into nervous exhaustion over time, when you are not able to do anything when you are tired, and the baby irritates you with the fact that they need something. The feelings, “I’m a bad mother” just add to the feelings of guilt, and other people think that you are overexaggerating your problems: you have a washing machine and diapers — and this is way more than the people in the past had.

But the nervous system is just as much of an organ as any other and it can get ill too. Chronic tiredness often leads to emotional burnout. This state is included in the International Classification of Diseases and it has several stages: from irritation over little things to complete apathy. And even though they are no universal ways to fix yourself, there are some recommendations that you can follow to make things better.

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