7+ Unusual Allergy Symptoms We Often Mistake for Other Diseases

2. Tongue swelling, difficulty swallowing

7+ Unusual Allergy Symptoms We Often Mistake for Other Diseases

Tongue, lips, and mouth swelling, and itching, irritation, or burning in the mouth are also allergy signs. As a rule, people experience them after eating nuts and some raw fruits and vegetables. People who suffer from this type of allergy are also sensitive to birch pollen, ambrosia, and some other plants.

As people who are prone to tongue and throat swelling are at a risk of anaphylaxis that may lead to death, they have to constantly carry epinephrine injections with them. In this case, it’s important to consult an allergist.

By the way, eating thermally processed fruits and vegetables is usually harmless. During boiling or baking, product proteins change their structure and don’t cause allergies.

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