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7 Warning Signs Your Partner Has Lost Interest In You, Even If They Loved You

Long term relationships never remain the same as they were in the beginning. As we all know, all the novelty and newness wears off with time and for many even the interest fades away. However, if your partner loves you, they’ll want to keep the news of losing interest in you under the covers for as long as possible. But, just because they still have feelings for you, it does not mean that they’re also invested in the relationship.

Sensing your significant other pulling away from you can be awfully painful and scarring to the least. It has a tendency to ignite some deep seated insecurities and fears. A lot of times, partners lose interest in you because of a lack of growth. People often lose interest in long-term relationships when the other one matures or outgrows the other. And when couples are no longer aligned, they’ll be on the look out for partners who have a similar outlook for the future.

Although, it isn’t always a lost cause.

Below are a few signs that your partner may have lost interest in the relationship, even if somewhere down the road, your partner was madly in love with you.

Your partner has stopped asking questions about the little things.

Couples who are in a healthy relationship are genuinely interested in each other’ lives. Ad it doesn’t only involve all the major things but also little everyday things. A partner who is invested in the relationship will know when you have a nerve-racking meeting and will text you at lunchtime to ask how it went.

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