8 Behavior Patterns That Make a Person an Easy Target for a Criminal

A criminal needs just 7 seconds to choose their potential victim. During this period of time, they assess the person walking in their direction and all of the possible risks. Not every person will become a victim. Let’s figure out what the difference is between people criminals prefer to stay away from and those who become their target.

A study was conducted in the 1980s in order to figure out how criminals chose their victims. American psychologists videotaped one of New York City’s bustling streets for 3 days. Then they showed these videotapes to criminals convicted of assault against people who were unknown to them. They asked the criminals to point out who they would choose to be their target on a scale of 1 to 10. It turns out that criminals can perceive nonverbal cues coming from people and choose those they can easily control.

So, what type of behavior would compromise your safety?

1. Fast gait

8 Behavior Patterns That Make a Person an Easy Target for a Criminal

A rapid walk is a sign of a nervous person. This person is worried about something and inattentive to those around them. Thus, they can become an easy target. It’s better to walk at an average tempo or walk just a little faster than other people in the pedestrian flow. But, you need to be concentrated, aware, and calm.


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