8 Puzzles That Test How Sharp Your Brain Is

We all know that exercising, walking or working out is quite necessary for our body if we want to remain fit and fine. It is being said that as we exercise, our muscles get developed and we become healthy and powerful.

The same thing goes for our brain and if we want to sharpen it, we need to make it do some exercises. Here by exercises, we mean playing quizzes, puzzles, solving riddles, etc. As per scientists also, playing quizzes and puzzles makes our brain younger and sharper.

Here are 8 quizzes that will help you to know how sharp your brain is!

1The photo has one odd couple. Find it out

The image has 30 couples and each boy is proposing to his girl with a ring in his hand. However, there’s one odd couple in the set who is different from others. Use your observation skills and try to find the odd one out. It’s not easy and you need to spend some time to get the correct answer.

The photo has one odd couple. Find it out

Image Source: bastanteinteressante.org

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