8 Unexpected Signs of Liver Disease That Show You Need to Visit a Doctor ASAP

The liver is a super important organ that is responsible for many functions in our bodies — it can be fatal if it fails. Currently, an estimated 5.5 million Americans suffer from chronic liver disease or cirrhosis. So it’s important to know the signs of liver damage to warn you of something serious.

1. You may experience your skin and eyes getting yellow.

8 Unexpected Signs of Liver Disease That Show You Need to Visit a Doctor ASAP

If you have this symptom, your liver is likely in big trouble. This condition is known as jaundice which causes a yellow pigmentation of the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucus. The yellow color appears because of excess bilirubin that has a yellowish-orange pigment found in liver bile.

When a liver is healthy, it easily eliminates bilirubin. But if it’s seriously damaged, you literally turn yellow.


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