9 Places Where All Inhabitants Are United by a Big Secret

There are a lot of unbelievable locations in the world where everything seems to be alien to us: the people, their customs, and general peculiar features. It almost seems that the locals are united by one common secret. And it’s so interesting to lift the veil of secrecy and to find out more.

1. The Kingdom of the Little People, China

Social life might be tough for the handicapped. However, there’s a magical kingdom for them near Kunming. This is a unique world created by Chen Mingjing. He offered people with dwarfism to move here from all over the country. Today, the population of this place is about 125 people from 19 to 48 years old.

They wear festive clothing of gnomes, angels, elves, princesses, and guards. They have houses shaped like trees and mushrooms. Most of them live in the dormitories that have specially-made bathroom facilities and furniture. Life is comfortable here and no one laughs at them behind their back.

Everyone’s got a job here. They give performances and guided walks for tourists. They do the domestic chores on Sundays, they play poker and volleyball, and they attend free English classes.

Despite the difference of opinions among people about this village, the residents are happy with it. They live in their own cozy world where they have houses and jobs. Also, the infrastructure includes a school, a hospital, supermarkets, cafes, and a flower shop.

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