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9 Ways You Can Add More Volume to Thin Hair

Our hair, like every part of our body, needs special care and attention. Having thin and damaged hair can reveal a lot about our health, from medical conditions to poor dietary habits. There are several ways to add volume and, more importantly, to help our hair grow healthy and fabulous.

Bright Side selected the most effective ways to achieve thicker hair with Hollywood style volume.

1. Mix gelatin with essential oil to turn up the volume.

9 Ways You Can Add More Volume to Thin Hair

One thing we might’ve missed about gelatin is that it is a super-rich source of protein. It provides almost 2 grams of protein per ½ cup, which is a lot. Thus, it’s the best ingredient for a hair mask to thicken and strengthen thin and damaged hair. Blend water, unflavored gelatin, and a few drops of essential oil, then apply the mixture on your hair and massage. Wait a few minutes and rinse with cool water.

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