A Cook Shares 11 Tips on Choosing Tasty Vegetables and Fruits, and Her Advice Is Worth Following

Hi! My name is Maria Troitskaia. I work as a confectioner and would like to share my experience on how to choose ripe and tasty fruits and vegetables. This article will help you navigate better among all the varieties of products available in supermarkets, especially if you still prefer shiny apples.

1. Tomatoes

A Cook Shares 11 Tips on Choosing Tasty Vegetables and Fruits, and Her Advice Is Worth Following

Many people think that tomatoes on branches are fresher and, therefore, choose them. In fact, a stalk is not an indicator of the freshness but of the greenness of the tomato. Ripe tomatoes fall off of the vine by themselves. If a vine still holds them, it means that tomatoes were cut off before being ripened and left to ripen in the box. These tomatoes have very few vitamins and useful elements.

The color of a good tomato should be homogeneous and saturated, without green areas. Moreover, its smell should be pleasant. It’s pretty easy to spot nitrate tomatoes in a store — they are elastic but not firm. If you press it, you won’t see a trace of your fingerprint left on the tomato. Good tomatoes should be soft to the touch.


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