A Man From Switzerland Gives Up a Promising Career and Leaves for South Africa to Save Wild Animals From Poachers

Statistics say we have already lost 43% of African lions and are on our way losing all the elephants within our lifetime because of poaching and loss of habitat. Luckily enough, there are people who love animals so much, that they just can’t stay away from the poaching crisis. In 2017 Dean Schneider, a successful young man from Switzerland, quit his job, sold everything he had, and moved to Africa with a mission to help animals in need.

He gave up a promising career, and sold everything he had to help animals in Africa.

A Man From Switzerland Gives Up a Promising Career and Leaves for South Africa to Save Wild Animals From Poachers

Dean Schneider, from Zurich, Switzerland, fell in love with animals and wildlife at a very young age, and supporting various animal protection projects has always meant a lot to him. Following his passion for wildlife, he made a decision to give up his career as a financial planner and sold all his belongings to start his own project in South Africa.

Dean says that his family and friends did not support him at first, but once they realized how important it was for him, and how serious he was about it, they finally accepted his new way of life.

In South Africa Dean started a project called Hakuna Mipaka which, in Swahili, means “no limits.” Hakuna Mipaka is a large sanctuary that has become home for many abused animals: from captive bred animals, to wild rescues, to wild roaming animals. Many of them were rescued from private zoos where people who bred them kept the poor animals in dreadful conditions.

People often ask Dean why he doesn’t put some of these animals back into the wild, and his explanation is simple: captive bred animals can’t hunt, and they simply cannot survive without human help.

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