A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

With so many car accidents happening daily, the safety of our kids on the roads is something that cannot be ignored. When Rebecca Tafaro Boyer, from Tennessee, saw that her son was improperly buckled into his car seat, she immediately urged her husband to fix the harness, and it played a crucial role in an accident they got into. This mom’s story has proven that you can never be too cautious when it comes to your child’s car safety.

A mom’s “overprotective” urge to fix the car seat harness saved her kid right before a car crash.

A Mom Who Saved Her Child in a Car Accident Shares 3 Things Every Parent Should Know

Rebecca’s husband, David, and their son, William, were preparing for their drive to another city. In one of the pics from her husband, the mom saw that her kid wasn’t properly buckled in his car seat: the harness straps were too loose and the chest clip was located way too low. The woman insisted that he tighten the straps and fix the chest clip.

It turned out Rebecca’s comment came just in time — 15 minutes later her husband called her and said that he and William had gotten into a car crash. Little William was safe and sound. He was so securely fastened in the car seat, that he didn’t even wake up when the car crash happened.


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