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Asymmetrical Jeans Are 2019’s Most Bizarre Fashion Trend

Not sure if you want your jeans to be fit or flare? Do you want to wear mom jeans but want people to think you’re still a cool mom? Do you have to be in the 1970s at 5 but the 1990s at 8? Then asymmetric jeans are apparently the new denim trend that you need and didn’t ask for.

Just when we thought that our exploration into denim fashion was at an end, husband and wife team behind the brand Ksenia Schnaider proved us wrong. Enter the slim leg and wide leg, a high-waisted style that has gone viral. The asymmetric jeans are following the Ukrainian duos other viral fashion success, the demi-jean, which is a take on jorts over jeans mash-up.

To be fair, fashion trends change very quickly. One minute skinny jeans are on trend and the next bootcut jeans are hot which leaves many wondering, “Am I on trend or not?” So, the Schnaider team made the decision easy for us and combined the styles. Why not? Clearly, if you can’t decide, why not wear both – at the same time.

Seems that when it comes to new styles for denim, Ksenia Schnaider is here to break the internet. And with the new asymmetric jeans gaining high interest from people around the world, they may already have more ideas for a new bizarre way to wear jeans we may not be here for but we want to see it.

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