Cat Comes Home After Being Lost For 536 Days, Leaps Into His Owner’s Arms Instantly

We love cats not only because they’re cute and awesome and perfect, but also because they’re independent little explorers who love going on adventures of their own. However, it sometimes poses problems for their owners who are worried sick at home not knowing when their furry friend is coming back home. This is why animal activists have long been encouraging people to microchip their pets – this way, there’s a far greater chance to reunite with your beloved friend if it goes missing.

Recently, a story about a cute orange boy named Cat went viral, for the adorable feline went missing and didn’t come home for 536 days straight. His owners – Mindy and Luke Criner – were just beginning to lose hope when Cat finally reappeared in their lives, purring and meowing for their attention.

This cat named Cat was missing for 536 days

The feline was adopted from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Virginia and was very shy at first. He wasn’t very keen on playing with other kittens, so his would-be owners decided that he needs a loving home to bring out his confidence. “You could see in his eyes he just needed love,” Mindy, one of Cat’s owners, told the media. As it turned out, it was really the love that Cat needed – soon he gained enough confidence to roam around his yard, exploring the new territory. Sadly, one time, Cat didn’t return from his adventures.

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