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Cat Destroys A 2,432-Piece Doraemon Figure That Took Its Owner 7 Days To Make, Doesn’t Seem To Regret It

Anyone who owns a cat knows that when they want attention, they’ll find one of a hundred different ways to get it. And boy, do they get jealous if they think you’re giving their rightfully-deserved attention to something else. Like a huge project.

One mischievous cat found a powerful way to get its owner’s attention: it wrecked a large, 2,432-piece figure of Doraemon. Well, the man from Thailand who works at a toy store spent a whole week building the figure for a client, so all of that hard work suddenly went out the window.

When the man posted photos of the catto and the shattered remains of Doraemon on Facebook, the story went viral. Scroll down to see just how naughty some pets can be!

A toy store worker built a Doraemon figure for a client…

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