You Will Be Surprised To Know These 8 Facts About Your Tongue

Have you ever thought that how would you have lived without a tongue? Seems impossible, isn’t it, let us tell you some interesting facts about your tongue which will amaze you to the core.

Whenever someone is asked to appreciate another person’s most beautiful body part, the answers that we most probably get to hear are eyes, lip, hair, etc., but we never get to hear tongue. Despite the fact, that without tongue, humans will find it very difficult to speak and eat, the tongue has never got its due and its contribution is hardly recognized.

Your tongue can tell a lot about you from your health condition to your tasting ability and today we will not only tell you about some interesting facts about the tongue but also bust some myths about it.

1. You can sense all tastes equally all over your tongue

There is a myth that different tastes can be sensed in different areas of the tongue. However, in reality, the salty, sour, sweet, savory and bitter tastes can be sensed in each part of the tongue but there is one exception which is that the back side of the tongue is more sensitive to the bitter taste.

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