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Feeling sick and tired despite drinking water? Here are 10 ways how dehydration are causing these symptoms

According to the experts, there is no need to compulsorily drink eight glasses of water per day. The amount of the water that you should drink should be calculated according to your daily routine, the amount of exercise you do and the climate of the place where you live.

If the place where you live is hot and humid, you should drink more than the required amount of water. But if you live in a cooler climate, your water intake can be lower than average.

As 60% of our bodies, 75% of our muscles, and 85% of our brains are made up of water, dehydration should not be taken casually. It can affect many different functions and parts of the body, which can leave you sick, tired and more so exhausted.

Here are 10 ways dehydration wreaks havoc on your body.

1 Chronic fatigue

There is a certain amount of water that our body needs to drink in order to keep the workings of the body in top shape. If we fail to drink the required amount of water that our body needs each day, our entire working of the body slows down as it is dependent on water for fluid working.

The body then tends to think that you are conserving energy and starts to focus on the more vital functions such as pumping the blood in the heart and the veins. This makes the other functions of body to slow down and you start to feel fatigued and your work becomes sloppy due to not drinking enough water.

If you feel tired next time, try to drink some water and see how much the water affects your functioning and you will feel immediate surge of energy in you.

Chronic fatigue

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