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He receives a text from his pregnant wife but what happens next is heart-warming

As a husband and father to be, if you were miles away from your wife, what would your reaction be to the simple phrase “my water broke”? The emotional upheaval the chaos, joy panic and a whole gamut of mixed emotions would run through you that very instant.

That’s what this travel enthusiast and YouTube travel film maker felt one fine day when he was away on travel. His pregnant wife texted him but what was he to do?

1 A heartwarming message when he was miles away

30 year old Casey Niestat has been an avid travel enthusiast well known for his popular video travelogues o YouTube. Since 2010, he has travelled around the world documenting his experiences. His videos are extremely interesting but nine were as poignant and heartwarming as the one he posted recently.



While Casey was in a hotel during one of his travels he received the text from his wife. “MY water broke”. That one text would change Casey’s life permanently because he was about to be a father.

Casey Niestat

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