Herders in Finland Spray Reindeers’ Horns With Reflective Paint, and There’s a Good Reason for It

Imagine Rudolph with a shiny nose and glowing horns. That’s what you would encounter if you traveled to Rovaniemi in the Finnish Lapland. But as strange as it may sound, not only do these shiny fellows have luminescent paint splashed on them for the sake of having a magical Christmas — their glowing horns actually save lives.

Even winter wonderland has its problems.

Reindeer glowing in the dark…sounds like fiction? Not quite! The antlers of reindeer in Finnish Lapland will be painted…

Posted by All About Lapland on Monday, November 3, 2014

People call it “Santa’s home” and if you’ve visited the Finnish region of Lapland, you’d understand why. The landscape, one of Europe’s most northern territories, is packed with endless snow and herds of reindeer. The only problem is that you can encounter one while in your car and more likely than not, one of you will get hurt.


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