How Swimsuits Have Changed Throughout History

Until the end of 18th century, people bathed either in their underwear or naked, and they had no idea that they even needed a specific item of clothing for it. But things changed a lot when people began to travel as tourists. Since the moment the first swimsuits appeared, they had to withstand the real test of time. In this article, you will see the process of emancipation of women and how it affected changes in swimwear.


How Swimsuits Have Changed Throughout History (It’s Great That 2010 Is in the Past)

With the emergence of railway transport, people could easily cover thousands of miles and this helped tourism and the development of popular resorts. But the representatives of higher classes were not used to undressing in public. So, there was a need for clothing items that they could spend time on the beach in. The first swimsuit for women consisted of a dress and wide pants, while men bathed in knee-long trunks and a top that covered their hairy chests.

Another interesting detail of the beach lifestyle from the beginning of the 20th century was a bathing machine which was a place where people could change out of their normal clothes and into their swimsuits. People entered the bathing machine, changed their clothes there, and then waded into the ocean. Machines were moved along the rails with the help of horses.

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