How Your Sleeping Positions Defines Your Relationship?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell how a relationship is really going. Even if both partners are open about their feelings, doubt and miscommunication are always going to be there. But according to some of the world’s leading relationship experts, there is one way to really know how your love life is going, and that’s through sleep. When we’re at our most vulnerable, unguarded, that’s when our bodies really speak the truth. That’s when our sleeping positions say more than we ever can…

Giving a Nuzzle

Giving a Nuzzle

One partner is lying on their back, and the other is on their side with their head on their partner’s shoulder. While it looks lovely, it can actually get quite uncomfortable after a while, meaning that it’s the rarest out of all sleeping arrangements to get any long-term use. But if you do sleep like this, it’s a good sign.

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