Important Rules on Choosing High Heels to Forget About Pain in Your Legs

Women wearing high heels look stunning and that’s an indisputable fact. However, wearing high-heeled shoes always goes together with some sort of discomfort. They often rub the skin in a painful way and may cause pain in the feet or legs. There is no need to put up with this since there are several tricks for choosing the perfect footwear that will make your life easier and your feet happier.

Comfortable heel height for everyday wear

Important Rules on Choosing High Heels to Forget About Pain in Your Legs

No matter how much you love high heels, you’ll have to opt for more modest options for everyday use. Frequent wearing of high heel shoes harms our health greatly and traumatizes our knee joints and ligaments in the long run. The appearance of spinal problems is there on the list too. They say beauty is a pain, but do we really have to bear it when all we need to do for a more comfortable life is shorten the length of high heels by a couple centimeters? You can either alternate high heels with flat shoes or opt for a shorter and more comfortable heel:

  • The simplest thing is to follow doctors’ recommendations — they believe that the height of a heel for everyday use shouldn’t exceed 4 cm. This height is the least harmful, it reduces the load on the spine, and doesn’t cause degenerative changes in the bone tissues.
  • Another option for choosing comfortable shoes is to pay attention to the distance between the heel and the sole. The higher the heel is, the shorter the distance will be. A distance of 6 cm is considered safe — it makes feet stand correctly with the maximum steadiness.


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