Important Rules on Choosing High Heels to Forget About Pain in Your Legs

Comfortable and safe height for party shoes

Important Rules on Choosing High Heels to Forget About Pain in Your Legs

You’ll need to use a more complex trick to choose your “going-out” shoes. However, don’t worry — it’s worth it because these methods will help you choose the ideal heel height for you individually. The good news is that in most cases, the heel will be higher than 2-4 cm.

  • The first method takes into account the specific features of the body. You need to measure your height and leg length from hips to feet and use the following formula: (height/leg length — 1.61)*10. As a result, you’ll get the measurements for the ideal height of your heel.
  • The second method will require a ruler or a measuring tape. Sit comfortably on a chair and stretch one leg in front of you. Don’t point your foot, just relax it. Measure the distance from the heel to the ball of your foot as it is shown in the picture. The measurement that you get will be the ideal height of a heel for you because it equals the natural inclination of the foot and you won’t have to exert yourself.


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