Mom Finds Wedding Dress When Cleaning, Transforms It Into A Functional Piece For The Home

So many women spend tons and tons of money on their wedding dresses. Some spend hundreds or even thousands on the dress they will wear for that one special day in their life.

Instead of spending all that money just to seal it up in plastic forever, there are lots of cool ways you can repurpose that special garment so that you get more use out of it.

Here are 8 ways to repurpose your wedding dress:

1) Baby Basinet

Use your wedding dress to create to decorate the outside of a baby bassinet.

Source: Pinterest

2) Lingerie

Use pieces of your wedding dress to make a bra, panties, or some cute lingerie.

Source: Pinterest

3) Teddy Bear

A teddy bear made from your old dress is something that you can always have out on display.

Source: Pinterest

4) Clutch/Pocketbook

Pick out your favorite pieces of your wedding dress and use it to create a clutch or pocketbook.

Source: Pinterest

5) Make a New Dress

You can wear your wedding dress over again and again by turning it into a brand new dress, shirt or pants. You can find some ideas here.

Source: Konrad Brattke

6) Christening Outfit

You can make a Christening outfit for all of your kids out of your old wedding dress.

Source: Pinterest

7) Jewelry

Create a piece of jewelry that you can wear over and over again with the embellishments on your dress.

Source: Etsy

8) Daughter’s Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Modify the dress so that it looks more casual and your daughter can wear it for her engagement party or rehearsal dinner.

Source: Pinterest


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