Read this if you’re married or not! It Will reveal the importance of relationships

Relationships today hang on by a fine thread where the factor of “we’ and “us” has disappeared. In its place are the ‘me’ and ‘I’ instead. With fast paced lives, social pressures and work; couples no longer spend such quality time together, which can establish a bond, that can remain unbreakable by life’s negativity.



How important we are to one another can only be revealed to us in the most intense of circumstances, sometimes even when it may be too late. To value a relationship, there is the requirement of some introspection; not on yourself but the importance of your companion in your life. This article will reveal to you how important relationships are. Read this if you’re married or not, as it will teach you the importance and value of life.

1A Man Wanted To Divorce His Wife after Years of Marriage

A man tired of his marriage, despite having a selfless and devoted wife decided to break the news to her one night over dinner. He asked her for a divorce. Rather than creating an emotional outburst, which he expected, he received a gentle “why”?? The man couldn’t reply, and this angered his wife, who shouted “you are not a man’!! She didn’t speak to him and wept the entire night.



Desperate Woman

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He on the other hand felt sorry and remorse for her, yet he didn’t feel love as he had fallen in love with someone else. He just couldn’t bring himself to explain how their marriage fell apart.



He drafted out the divorce papers which granted her, ownership of his house and a 30 percent share in his company. He just couldn’t reconcile himself to work on their relationship as she seemed a stranger to him. He was thoroughly in love with his girlfriend Jane. The woman cried in front of him which was as he had expected but the impending divorce became more of a reality and obsession with him. He just wanted to be out of his marriage.

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