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Strudel the baby alpaca visits cafes, care homes and the local pub

An alpaca is putting smiles on people’s faces as his carer takes him on adventures to unlikely public places including a car dealership, a cafe and a local pub.

Hilarious photos show Strudel the alpaca strolling with his owner, fitness instructor and massage therapist, Shandelle Peters, 32, from Cessnock, Australia, at the beach and at a bar.

Strudel can be seen putting a smile on her gran’s face as he visits a care home for the elderly and being a passenger in Shandelle’s car.

Strudel loves books and wears hats, and loves being carried by Shandelle. The 10-month-old baby alpaca was bought by Shandelle from a breeder. They have since been on various adventures together and she is planning to buy another alpaca soon to serve as a playmate for Strudel.

He has been to her kids’ playgroup, the beach, cafes, vineyards, the pub, the elderly care facility, a car dealership and her friends’ houses.

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