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Teacher Shows Love To Troubled Student “With A Story”

Sometimes we come across a story so inspiring and heartwarming that we just have to share it in its entirety. One such story is that of Jessica Satterfield, a former elementary teacher who is now a full time “stay at home mama by day and writer/blogger by night”.

On her blog Grace While We Wait, Jessica recalls one of her many memories from her time as a teacher — that of a particular student during her first year working at the school who stood out more than the rest.

As a first-year teacher, everything was going smoothly in her classroom for several months, that is, as smoothly as things can possibly go when you are thrown into the deep end right off the bat like Jessica was. However, come November, she got a new addition to her class that would end up changing everything for her.

There is always that one memorable student that makes a deep lasting impact, and for Jessica, this new student in her class was that one.

Source: Grace While We Wait

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