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Teacher Shows Love To Troubled Student “With A Story”

Jessica writes:

“My principal emailed me last week and said she added another student to my roster. “But come talk to me when you get a chance. I have to tell you her story.” And I replied, “You know I love kids with stories!”

Rewind seven years.

I was a first year teacher. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, convinced I was going to implement everything I had learned in school and saw on Pinterest perfectly. It didn’t take long to realize the goal of the year was to survive. And not let the children kill each other.

And let’s talk about this for a minute. Why in all of God’s green earth, do they give first year teacher’s THE. WORST. CLASSES? For the life of me I will never understand it. Thinking back, regardless of my inexperienced classroom management, that class would have sent the most experienced teacher to her grave. It was hard.

Source: Grace While We Wait

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