The Story of the Jealous Husband

Laughter is the best medicine and we are forever bringing you some funny articles for you to remain in a light mood. Sharing a light joke or an anecdote with family, your wife or co-workers can brighten your day and make you feel good. Laughter reduces stress and boosts immunity. But what happens when you fill yourself with negative emotions. That isn’t good either. Jealousy is one such emotion that has the power to destroy relationships and one’s piece of mind. Moreover, a spouse being overtly jealous and making false accusations might just find them converted to reality. On a lighter note read on this hilarious joke about the wife, the husband and the blender.

1.  A husband calls his wife at home

The story starts with a couple, a husband who is at work all day and his wife who stays at home and is a homemaker looking after the couple’s son. One day a conversation went like this:

Husband: my wife where are you?

Wife: at home love!

Seriously?? Now the guy’s suspicious tentacles start tingling

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