Things That Are Normal to Do as a Kid but Weird to Do as an Adult

Being a kid was awesome. You had zero responsibilities (besides chores, which were, let’s face it, basically just busy work), you could make friends instantly based on nothing more than proximity, and you could do or say whatever weird thing popped into your head without feeling self-conscious about it. But once you reach a certain age, the adorably wacky antics of youth start to seem a whole lot less adorable and suddenly much creepier. Sure, running around naked while giggling was a barrel of laughs as a two-year-old, but once you reach adulthood it can be pretty off-putting.

These 30 people reveal the one thing they used to love doing as a kid that would be totally bizarre to do as an adult. Each one will instantly transport you back to your childhood and make you realize how lame it is to be an adult.

Seriously, who wants to have a super soaker fight with me?!

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