This Old Woman Will Lick Your Eyeballs Clean For Just €10 And Has Had Over 5,000 Clients

Hava Celebic is an 80-year-old Bosnian woman who makes her living charging €10 to lick clean the surface of your eyeballs, and claims to have cured over 5, 000 people of… well, eye trouble you’d hope! 

(Source: Metro)

They called me mad when I said to my careers guidance counselor that when I  grew up I wanted to lick people’s eyeballs clean for ten dollars a pop! But Hava Celebic (or Nana Hava as she is professionally known as in eye licking circles) stuck out her dream and is now Bosnia and Herzegovina’s premium eye licker!

I’m joking of course… they never had career guidance counsellors when I was in school!

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