Wealthy Mom Demands $100K Donation For Her Lavish Lifestyle After Illegal Car Chase Leaves Her Unemployed

Famous Instagram cretin dubbed ‘Mercedes Mum’ constantly posts her lavish lifestyle online. Now, she is asking for $100,000 in donations to fund her lifestyle because she cannot get a job since being arrested in a high-speed car chase (she was driving a $260,000 car with her toddler daughter unrestrained in back… ) and leaps to 1st place in poll in my head for ‘worst person on the planet’.

(Source: Instagram)

27 year old mum of one Margarita Tomovska, ‘allegedly’ led police on a 10km chase hitting speeds of around 200km in her wildly expensive car (probably wearing something equally garish, tacky and overpriced as she’s seen sporting above) with her toddler daughter rattling around the back (like the last tic-tac left in the box) when she was arrested.

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