What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Raisin Water After Waking Up

People got to know raisins accidentally when they found dried grapes on vines around 2000 BCE, and it was one of the most important food discoveries ever. Vitamins, fiber, and minerals that are abundant in this dried fruit make it a wonder-working superfood that doctors and nutritionists love recommending to their patients. It turns out we can make raisins even more beneficial if we soak them in water overnight. Water dissolves all the minerals and nutrients of a raisin and its skin, boosting the health properties of this powerful fruit.

Your liver and intestines will get rid of toxins easier.

What Happens to Your Body If You Drink Raisin Water After Waking Up

Ayurveda followers have been using raisin water for liver and intestine cleansing for a long time. In fact, detoxifying properties of raisins are explained by the large amount of antioxidants and dietary fiber that’s found in this dried fruit.

Antioxidants help our liver work properly and fully perform its detoxifying function, while fibers add bulk to stool and increase the number of bowel movements, helping to cleanse the colon and intestines. Taken on an empty stomach, the raisin water will “work” even faster, just don’t forget to eat the soaked raisin together with the raisin water.


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